About Chrome Dome Studios

Self-portrait as a grumpy old man

Time to Make the Donuts, 2016. Marker and colored pencil on toned ground paper. Self-portrait of caricature artist Charlie James.

Who is caricature artist Charlie James?

Old man. Draws things.

As a high school art teacher for over 25 years, I’ve continued creating my own art on the side–mostly cartooning and illustration. One of the highlights of my day job, though, has always been drawing caricatures of my students for grins. In 2011, I turned that hobby into a paying gig when I got hired caricaturing professionally at the St. Louis Zoo as a way to supplement my summer income. That zoo job led to drawing at live events–wedding receptions, after-proms, corporate conventions, as well as holiday, birthday, & company parties. 

Commissions started rolling in, too. Anniversary gifts, graduation presents, family portraits–I’ve drawn them all. In 2017 I started drawing people as Krampus, the Alpine goat-demon, and that has turned into a fun holiday tradition with clients using the artwork on their holiday greeting cards or just to hang on the wall every December.

I live near St. Louis with my wife, two kids, and two cats. I also play the banjo, much to the dismay of my wife, two kids, and two cats.

Versatile artist

Live events or commissions. Color or black and white. Traditional media or digital. You tell me what your caricature needs are. We can work together to make sure you get what you want.

Caricature of a smiling 80-year-old man
Watercolor of Buddy Rich sweating with exertion as he plays the drums
A happy dog in a Starfleet uniform in front of a starfield with a Romulan bird-of-prey in the distance.
Stylized digital caricature of Childish Gambino inspired by 'This Is America' video
Caricature of Dolly Parton
Mixed media caricature of a man in glasses

Caricature of Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges, 2020. Ink and colored pencil on toned ground paper.

Three women smiling with the caricature they had drawn at a party.

Three party guests with their new caricature.

A digital caricature of a client in a hotrod wheelchair.

Chris T., 2019. Digital painting.